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season 4
Nocturnal Cabal

Donner and Stone decide to mix a little pleasure with business when they visit an after-hours rave club at the request of club owner Roman Sadko. An acquaintance of Stone's, Sadko claims there's been some paranormal activity on site.

At the club, Stone seeks out a friend of hers who sometimes "DJs" for Sadko - but instead she meets Tony D'Angelo, a nerdy replacement who seems completely out of his element as a DJ, and out of place at the club.

Meanwhile, sinister activity is indeed taking place. When a young woman is lured into a quiet corner to make a phone call, she is hit in the back of the neck with a silver arrow. Later, as Jasmine the barmaid tries to escape an unwelcome pursuer, a silver arrow again hits its mark. In both cases, the victims are reduced to a heap of purplish crystals.

Donner watches as a raver is lured by her dance partner into a dark corner of the warehouse. Finding something about the scene disturbing, Donner follows them, but all she finds is a small pile of human bones.

When Stone hears about the grizzly discovery, she confronts Roman who finally admits that he believes they're being overrun by a pack of zombies. A tattoo on his arm is the mark of the Nocturne Cabal, an ancient society dedicated to hunting down creatures of the night - zombies that stay alive by stealing the life forces of the living by eating them.

Meanwhile, a handsome man, Ash Serrafin, has his sights set on Donner and lures her onto the dance floor. But Stone grabs Donner out of his grasp and tells her of Roman's suspicions, while Ash disappears into the dark shadows of the warehouse. Donner and Stone suddenly realize that the music has stopped and the dance floor is empty, and from the shadows they hear moans of pain. When Ash reappears, his eyes are glowing red and blood is dripping from around his mouth. Ash is a zombie and he is after Donner.

Roman finally admits to Donner and Stone that he's a zombie hunter - that he started running the raves in order to lure Ash and his crew. Roman leads them to believe that Ash is the king of the zombies and that he has chosen Donner as his new queen. Once she drinks the blood of the zombie king, she will become one of them. But, to Stone's horror, he soon reveals that he has deceived them - he is actually the zombie king. Initially, he had wanted Stone as his queen, but once he met Donner, he set his sights on her. Everything, including his phony tattoo, had been a ruse so they would fall into his trap.

But there is a zombie hunter amongst them, lurking in the shadows with a crossbow loaded with silver arrows. Now he must save Donner before she drinks the blood from the chalice and becomes one of the undead.